Join us on September 11, 2019 for Lawrence Nerd Nite #85 where our presenters will take you on a mouthwatering, delectable journey of gastronomic delights. Since we’re food nerds, does that make us taste buds?

Doors at 7, presentations start at 8. $1 cover at the door.

If the talks make you peckish, it’s beer-y lucky that there’s a bar where you can grab a drink or get a pizza that action for $2.50.

Our presenters want to taco ’bout the things we like to eat/drink! Meat Them!

Matthew Cramer: Flavor building and cooking science

Matthew Cramer is a personal chef out of Lawrence, KS. He owns and operates The Restorative Chef and is a graduate of the JCCC culinary apprenticeship program. His passion for food started with an interest in health and wellness and food’s functionality in athletic performance. Matthew specializes in specialty diets such as vegan, vegetarian and gluten free cooking and is a constant student of his trade. Because why sacrifice flavor for health or health for flavor? There is no need.

Leah Shinkle: Coffee?

Leah Shinkle has spent over 10 years working in, around and with the specialty coffee industry which has led to a life of being a food, flavor and beverage experience fanatic. She has competed, judged and coached in the US Barista Championships all while working as the head of training and education for a specialty coffee roaster. Food and beverage continues to fuel her love for life and connection when traveling and always seeking out new and unique experiences. She believes life happens most over food and beverage.