Summer Shorts is coming…
Join us July 10 for our annual frenzy of short presentations!

Doors open at 7pm and talks begin at 8pm, $1.00 cover at Maceli’s 1031 New Hampshire

Grab a drink at the bar and enjoy $2.50 slices of pizza as you get your nerd on!

There are so many great presentations that we can barely contain our excitement! Will they keep it to 3 minutes?! Will they Michael Pope it?! Catch these fascinating presentations by these equally fascinating folks:

“Platonic solids: geometry, cosmos, and origami” – Laura Jiménez

“Epigenetics: Establishing Cell Identity” – Chad Pope

“Dungeons & Dragons & Diversity” – Skyler Rehm

“From Silicon to Ceramics: Blending Science and Art” – Julian R. Silverman, PhD

“Theta Eruption and how it ruined society” – Allison Puderbaugh

“The History of Physics, in only 5 minutes” – Ben Gross

“Digital Idols in a Digital Age: a Crash Course on Vocaloid” – Bree Shaffar

“The Superhero Theory of Transit Ridership Decline” – Pat Trouba

“Transformers” – Shawn Franklin

“The Importance of Sound: Radio Drama and the art of Foley” – Tim Burns

“The Art of Ventriloquism” – Bonita Yoder

“A Nerd-Nite Investigation Supporting This One Neuron”- Jason Keezer

“Breakfast with Strangers” – Jenny O’Brien