Nerd Nite 83

Doors at 7pm, talks begin at 8pm, $1.00 cover at Maceli’s 1031 New Hampshire
Grab a drink at the bar and enjoy $2.50 slices of pizza as you get your nerd on!
Join us for Lawrence Nerd Nite #83 as our presenters connect the dots between this, that and everything else!
The Presentations:
“I Got Loyalty & Algebra Inside My DNA” – Shakiyya Bland
What do you wonder? What do you notice? Mathematics is interactive, creative, cultural, music, art, language, relationships, beauty, and ever evolving. We will explore the humanity of mathematics in spoken word and visual arts with respect to #HipHopEd.
“Rubik’s Cube and Six Degrees of Separation” – Federico Castillo
We will explore all configurations of the Rubik cube and see how close they are to one another. In parallel we will see how connected we are all (7+ Billion) humans in the world.
“Albums, Theme and Structure” – Zach Koehn
The often hidden and always fascinating themes and structure found within your favorite artists albums.
The Presenters:
Federico Castillo – “My Name is Federico Castillo. I’m from Colombia. I was born in a city called Bucaramanga, went to Bogota as a math undergrad and then came to USA to complete my math PhD in UC Davis in 2017. Since Spring 2018 I’m a Visiting Professor in KU in the math department. I research on discrete mathematics.”
Shakiyya Bland – Shakiyya Bland is an instructional learning coach and culturally responsive mathematics curriculum consultant. She strives to design curriculum with students to achieve educational equity. She is researching the use of guided inquiry in mathematics. In her spare time, she travels, writes poetry, enjoys car karaoke, and reviews articles for the Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12.
Zach Koehn – Zach T. Koehn has dropped out of college three times. When he’s not managing Breakout, he’s attempting and subsequently giving up on countless creative endeavors. You can find him listening to music and thinking about it way too hard.