70961058_2377191675682805_1324532390411894784_nWe’re Creeping it Real for Lawrence Nerd Nite #86 on October 9, 2019.

Doors open at 7pm so you can mingle with fellow Nerds before the presentations start at 8pm.

This October, our speakers have topics that will make you shift uncomfortably in your seat, your heart quicken, and send chills down your spine.

Paul Thomas: Haunted Lawrence

Paul Thomas was born in Lawrence. He later attended the University of Kansas (where he earned his bachelor’s degree in classics and anthropology) and the University of Chicago (where he earned a master’s degree in social science, with an emphasis in anthropology). He currently works as a library specialist at KU. Ever since he was a young child, Paul has been interested in the folklore of the Sunflower State and, in particular, the haunted history of northeastern Kansas. While an undergraduate at KU, he helped co-found the Stephenson Hall Paranormal Investigation Team (SHPIT), which investigated purportedly haunted locations in and around the Lawrence area. It was during this time that he developed the idea for this book. Paul lives with his wife, Trina, in Overland Park, Kansas.

Eric Havens: Horror as an Allegory: When Culture Goes Bump in the Night

Eric Havens is an award-winning screenwriter and novelist whose work includes, ‘Call Girl’, “The Stylist”, “A Message of Hope From the Terminally Depressed”, and “The Devil and Me”. He has won several ‘Best Screenplay’ awards from an array of film festivals as well as placing in the quarterfinals of the prestigious Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting. His novels have been praised as “the right blend of brains, heart and pulp”, “captivating from the first page”, and “apocalyptic and hard-boiled”. An internet commenter once claimed that, “Havens is truly, truly terrible.”
Havens is also a longtime critic and journalist for several film sites such as Downright Creepy and Boom Howdy.

Satya N: Invisible Women

Satya N. loves helping brands tell their stories and currently works at Hill’s Pet Nutrition where she is lucky to do what she loves with the added bonus of contributing to pets living long and healthy lives!

She grew up in India and made her way to Lawrence via St. Louis, a city she took for granted while getting her MBA, but now, she waxes nostalgic about it.

When she isn’t busy professing her love for Doctor Who, listening to podcasts, or trying to learn the guitar she has had for 4 years, she loves playing board games and as an extrovert, lives her best life surrounding herself with friends and family.

Doors at 7, presentations start at 8. $1 cover at the door. Costume? That’s fine.

Grab a drink at the bar or get a slice of pizza for $2.50.