Nerd Nite Lawrence will be here, like clockwork, on the second Wednesday of the month (June 14th). We will be at Maceli’s (1031 New Hampshire St). So come on down to grab a drink and hang out starting at 7:30 PM, with talks starting promptly at 8 and going until 10. As usual, there will be a $1 cover at the door. We will also play a game of trivia and be giving out thematic raffle prizes.

Our presentations:
“The Grand Canyon: A Hole Lot of Fun, or Rocks, Water and Backpacking”: an adventure by Jacqueline Grunau

“The Pennsic Wars” by Larry Brow
“Anyone who has heard of The Society for Creative Anachronism may have also heard of the Pennsic Wars. Held annually in August an hour north of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, this event hosts ten to sixteen thousand medieval enthusiasts who gather to party and teach and fight in a wildly diverse, historically themed way. An entire sub-culture has been nurtured over the decades and our speaker, Larry Brow, aka Sir Lars Vilhjalmsson, has been part of it since 1974. Bring your questions. If he doesn’t have the answers, he’ll make some up.”

“Julius Caesar gets Kidnapped by Pirates”: by Alex Haskins. A young Julius Caesar gets kidnapped by pirates and demands a higher ransom. Hijinks ensue.