$1 at the door! Raffle tickets, trivia and good times included! Doors open at 7:30 and presentations begin at 8pm.

Our speakers for the evening are:

local legend Richard Renner talking all about the comedy luminaries “The Marx Brothers”

Nerd Nite alum Dan Krull will be regaling us with: “First, Do Nothing: Reducing Naïve Interventions Through Regenerative Farming.”

The rumors are true. We took a one month break after our most recent Nerd Nite to recruit a couple of new co-bosses. If you attended our previous event, you already know who they are. Skyler and Will have both officially earned co-boss status, and will be joining Jason and Elliot to bring Nerd Nite to you! This is going to make putting together these events a lot easier for us, and we will be resuming our typical schedule of hosting one Nerd Nite event every month (except for August), with July being reserved for our annual Summer Shorts event.

Our Presentations:
“That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard” – the story of how the Marx Brothers became the legends of comedy in America
Richard Renner learned every line from every Marx Brothers movie as a young actor and found the genius of their performances inspiring and iconic. In this speech he dives deep into their creation, evolution through stage, film and television into the influential icons that they are now. Be prepared for fast paced puns, genuine silent genius, and 100 year old humor that has never died.

“First, Do Nothing: Reducing Naïve Interventions Through Regenerative Farming.”
One of Mankind’s greatest gifts is problem solving, and one of our greatest blindspots is our strong tendency toward naïve intervention.
Dan will discuss several examples of human problem solving that make things worse, and how to avoid falling in to that trap.

Our Presenters:

Richard Renner has been a theater nerd ever since his first production in 1972 and getting his first laugh in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. He was so hooked that he pursued that feeling of fulfillment into college at KU and afterwards as a professional entertainer. His has performed his own one man show, the Slapstick Circus since 1986 across North America. His influences are Dick Van Dyke, Jerry Lewis, Red Skelton and Groucho Marx. In 2008 he produced the Lawrence Busker Festival as a celebration of the same kind of surprise and zaniness he loves. It is now in its 15th year and is still keeping people happy, laughing and distracted.

Dan Krull is Co-Founder of Good Oak LLC, a regenerative farming consulting and implementation company.
Dan is the Co-Creator of the Robinson/Krull Agroforestry System, he designed and operates a 100+ hive regenerative bee keeping operation, and is proud to be part of a regional regenerative ag movement in the Kansas City Area. Learn more at www.agoodoak.com