> Nerd Nite 56: Coups, Canoes, and Pooches

Nerd Nite 56: Coups, Canoes, and Pooches


It’s a new year and everything is changing. Here’s one thing you can count on: Nerd Nite. We’re still here, still nerdy, and still cost one wee dollar. See you soon. Doors at 7. Presentations start at 8.

Wednesday JAN 11 at 8 PM Doors open at 7 PM
Maceli’s Banquet Hall & Catering
1031 New Hampshire St, Lawrence, Kansas 66044

The presentations:

“The 1933-34 Plot to Oust FDR and Install a Fascist Dictator” by Earl Schweppe
In 1933-34, General Smedley Butler was involved in an attempted fascist putsch known as the ‘Business Plot’, which he went along with to collect evidence and then exposed to the press and a congressional commitee. The group of wealthy financiers and industrialists were planning a military coup to overthrow Franklin D. Roosevelt, with Butler selected to lead a march of veterans to become a dictator, similar to other fascist regimes at that time. The individuals involved all denied the existence of a plot and some related media also ridiculed the allegations. A final report by a special House of Representatives Committee confirmed Butler’s testimony and the plot failed.

“Change Your Life While Sitting On Your Butt and Going Backwards. (AKA the Sport of Rowing)” by Heather Moore.
A brief introduction to the sport of rowing – a quick history, features of the modern sport, terminology and a how-to demonstration on a rowing machine.
“Baby, I Was Born To Run…and Sleep” by Erin Schramm.
One of the original dog breeds and the only one mentioned in the Bible, greyhounds have long been revered for their speed, grace, loyal companionship, and lovable personalities by both royalty and commoners alike. Hear about the history of this extremely unique animal and their incredible speed, what makes them so different from most other breeds of dogs, and why they are such amazing companions. Also, get ready to have one of the biggest myths about greyhounds dispelled (hint: there’s a reason they make good apartment dogs).

The presenters:

Heather Moore: Nineteen years ago, Heather Moore happened to be walking by the Scioto River in Columbus, Ohio, as a rowing regatta was being held. Intrigued, she soon joined her local rowing club and not only learned to row, but also raced competitively and eventually coached juniors teams in Ohio and Texas. When she’s not on the river rowing, Heather can often be found walking alongside it with her three beagles.

Erin Schramm:  Erin Schramm has been a lifelong bibliophile, pickle fiend, and dog lover. She currently works as the school librarian at Prairie Park Elementary School, where her favorite thing is cracking up her elementary school kids. Erin has a soft spot in her heart for rescue/shelter dogs, which led her to adopting her retired racing greyhound Atticus in 2015. When not competing with Atticus for the title of Best Napper, Erin enjoys reading (of course), playing Settlers of Catan, seeing tons of movies, and trying to find the best pickle in LFK (right now it’s between Limestone and Merchants).

Earl Schweppe:

At 12 Vacuum Tubes, Radio, and Morris Code
At 14 Started taking math courses by mail
At 16 Graduated HS to MO Valley College
At 17 Joined the Navy V5 Program. In 16 mo
At 20 Earned BS in Math. Wed Mary Woolston.
At 21 Was Plumbing and Heating Salesman
At 22 To Illinois for Math + much on computers.
Joined USNR Security Group (NSA)
At 26 Programmed Illiac during last graduate year
At 27 PhD in Math. Taught Math 10 years total
At > MVC, Illinois, Nebraska, ISU, Maryland
At 31 In charge of Programming ISU Cyclone
At 33 Moved to Maryland to work at NSA
At 35 To U. MD to discern what Computer Science would be
At 40 To KU to create CS Department
At 60 Retired USNR. 18 with Security Group
At 73 Retired from KU EECS after 32 years.
*At 89 Became oldest presenter in Nerd Nite Lawrence history!
Lost wife in 2013. One daughter and two sons.
Three grandsons.
(*editors note)

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