> Nerd Nite 55: Nerds & Recreation

Nerd Nite 55: Nerds & Recreation



From friendly competitions to fitness, we’re bringing you games, gaming, and personal training this December. Join us! Doors are at 7 and admission is, as ever, one dollar.

Wednesday at 8 PM  Doors open at 7 PM
Maceli’s Banquet Hall & Catering
1031 New Hampshire St, Lawrence, Kansas 66044


The presentations:

“Pie’ing the Friendly Skies: How a failed dessert item gave rise to a global family of sports, games, and competition” by Justin Atwater-Taylor.
From the long-defunct Frisbie’s Pie Company to the burgeoning multitude of disc sports disciplines uniting cultures globally, we’ll fly through the life of the Frisbee beginning with a throw-away pie tin that floated magically between friends along to the present day and beyond where the toy of the future is starting to realize its destiny.

“Game On” by Scott Barber
A brief overview of the history of tabletop games, and the recent boom in game design.

“Manias, Mobility, and the Martial Arts” by Thomas Thatcher.
In this presentation, Former USMC Scout Sniper and Professional Cage Fighter Thomas Thatcher will explain how he uses a few simple tips, tricks, and a little “VooDoo” to help himself and his clients improve their qualities of life, both physically and mentally.

The presenters:

Justin Atwater-Taylor is a yoooge Frisbee nerd. Part thinker, part do’er, he turned his Industrial Design thesis at KU into Grip Equipment – a Lawrence-based brand of disc golf backpacks and gear distributed locally across 4 continents and 9 time zones which earned a 2014 Emerging Business of the Year award from the Kansas Legislature. Having competed in ultimate frisbee a bit and heavily in disc golf he’s spent the last 15 years learning, meeting, and playing with the history and culture of the magical flying toy that’s brought together millions as one family and provided the basis for a multitude of professional (and not-so-professional) sports and competitions whirled-wide.

Scott Barber is a shiftless layabout that has aspirations of one day being an adult. Like with an actual career and stuff. He knows a lot about teaching art to kids and even more about drinking beer.

After receiving an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps, Thomas Thatcher started a functional fitness facility with his younger brother Kyle out of his back yard in the fall of 2010. This adult playground, which has since grown into a 6000 sf facility, allowed Thomas to observe human movement in a way few have seen. Over the years, Thomas has developed a deep passion for helping himself and others develop a sense of continuous self improvement through consistent training and self experimentation.

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