> Nerd Nite 52

Nerd Nite 52

Fall comes to Lawrence.
Change is in the air.
The leaves will soon turn.
The ground shakes.
Nerd Nite Lawrence returns.


WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 Maceli’s 1031 New Hampshire St.
Door at 7:00 pm Presentations at 8:00 pm $1.00 Cover
With drinks and nerdy mini-menu.  

Semi Semiotics

Ahh, semiotics, the study of signs and symbols. This month we’ll do that, basically. We will have presentations on Chinese characters and their efficacy as tattoos, the mysterious symbols employed by secret societies, and art that takes the form of a postage stamp. C U in September! Dollar cover. Doors at 7.



Chinese for Tattoos
by Kevin Liu

If you’re going to ink something permanent, don’t you want to make sure it a) looks good, b) looks right, and c) makes sense? This is not as simple as a heart and MOM, but it can be. Learn what makes up a Chinese character, including how they’re categorized, how a well-written character looks, and some basic translations you can put permanently on your body.

Perforate Strangers: Postage stamps as art
by Andrea Repinsky and Boog Highberger

An international community of artists is linked by their mailboxes as they create and share postage stamps as art. Large enjoyment comes from tiny stamps via self-expression, juxtaposition, personal relationships, microphilia, and mailbox hijinks.

’Does this apron make my junk look big?’ Secret Society Symbols
by Meredith Moore

Explore and decode the mysterious symbols utilized by groups such as the Masons, the Fabian Society, and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.


Presenter bios:

Kevin Liu is the Associate Director of the Confucius Institute of KU where he works with Chinese language programming. He was an educator in an earlier lifetime and now helps train Chinese language teachers. Kevin grew up listening to the Cantonese dialect of Chinese but is now learning Mandarin with a horrible Spanish accent. Kevin first attended NNLFK #42 and was hooked by the passion to learn and share. When he’s not at Nerd Nite or work, he’s running, creating either ceramics or crochet, and spending time with his family and pet menagerie.

Andrea Repinsky lives in the Brook Creek neighborhood with two chickens, a perforator, and a few skinks. Andrea is an urban planner and prairie enthusiast, serving as President of Grassland Heritage Foundation. She makes a lot of maps, stamps, squirrel habitat, and giant tacos on wheels.

Boog Highberger has lived in Lawrence since Jimmy Carter was president. He has served as mayor and city commissioner in Lawrence and is currently represents the east side of Lawrence in the Kansas House of Representatives. Boog is an occasional maker of artistamps and has what must be one of the world’s largest collections of rubber stamp lips.

Meredith Moore runs Wonder Fair, the awesomest lil’ gallery/shoppe in LFK. She got married on a roller coaster, owns a video store’s stock of Bollywood movies on VHS, and has organized her own secret society.







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