Summer Shorts

Maceli’s 1031 New Hampshire St.
Door at 7:00 pm Presentations at 8:00 pm
$1.00 Cover
Drinks and a mini-menu available.  


Summer Shorts

A Nerd Nite Lawrence original, Summer Shorts, returns in July! Join us for these numerous short presentations in the same nerdy atmosphere you’ve grown to love.

A lightning round-type format this month, with newcomers and several popular Nerd Nite alumni.

Wear your shorts and get a sticker!

 Some of the topics and presenters:

Owens Lane, a brief history of the 1st midcentury cul-de-sac in Lawrence,” by Tom Harper. Harper is the Founder of Lawrence Modern, a Realtor with Stephens Real Estate & happens to live on Owens Lane.

“Yankee Doodle Came to Town Upon a Naval Convoy: The “American Invasion” and Perceptions of the New Zealand Mainstream, Abridged,” by Eric Sader. Eric is an attorney-social worker, presently serving Lawrence-Douglas County as a director at the Housing Authority. He also teaches through Johnson County Community College when not occupied by Sader Advocacy, Sader Mediation, and SaderWedding and Funeral. Present Board memberships include the American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas, Hilltop Child Development Center, and the Kansas Statewide Homeless Coalition.

“Paronomasia: Pun Intended,” by Jason Keezer. Keezer is a lifelong resident of Kansas and has been using language most of his life. He is a licensed clinical social worker and member of the Lawrence Improv Guild.

“How to Make Ugly Maps,” by Andrea Repinsky. Repinsky lives in Brook Creek with a Korean anxiety hound and three chickens. Andrea is an urban planner and prairie enthusiast. She makes a lot of maps, and sometimes forgets to make them ugly.

“Dancing Democracy,” by Kelly Kluthe. Kelly is a high school science teacher and amateur beekeeper.

“1>3>4>2: A Controversial View of the Indiana Jones Quadrilogy,” by Michael Pope. Michael is a local comedian, man-about-town and amateur film buff. He’s a Renaissance man who enjoyed the movie “Renaissance Man.” His opinions are his own, but that doesn’t stop him from sharing them with everyone. Full disclosure: His fiancée, Sally, has given a few Nerd Night talks herself and is much better at this sort of thing.

Dirty Jane Austen,” by Jon Kaleugher. Jon Fitzgerald Kaleugher II is a longtime member of LFK’s famed PBR Book Club (Shteyngart wrote about us in the New Yorker) and has recently become himself on Twitter (@jfkaleug). He just finished the first year of an MFA in Fiction at UMKC. He is currently revising a novella,Brunch at Hermes, an updating of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, if you wanna read, let him know.

“Vote with your fork? Speak with your mouth! A call to all for food systems planning,” by Helen Schnoes. Schnoes spends way too much time thinking about food, talking about, and reading about food. As Food Systems Coordinator for Douglas County, she wants you to help craft the future vision of our local food system.

“What In Carnation?!” or “Leaf Me Alone: Romance, Friendship, Animosity, and Everything in Between Through the Victorian Language of Flowers,” by Grace D. Chin. Grace Dallae Chin is a printmaker, paper sculptor, and longtime flower enthusiast. Her Korean name is clever wordplay that translates to “azalea,” which in the Victorian language of flowers means “take care of yourself for me” or “fragile passion” and was a staple in break-up bouquets, or, if sent in a black vase, could be a death threat. That’s probably not why her parents named her after azaleas.

“The Six Amendments That Didn’t,” by Steven x Davis. Steven x Davis is a writer and editor with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. He is currently running for the Kansas House of Representatives in the 44th District, and constitutional law is one of his many nerdy interests.

“Inside the Con Artist’s Playbook,” by Marie Taylor. After living in 15 cities in 8 states, Marie Taylor finally settled down in Lawrence, Kansas. When not doing her lawyer day job, Marie spends her time tending to her awesome kids, working on her movement practice, knitting socks, and getting in touch with her inner nerd. Her interest in scammers was spurred after falling for a scam or two – okay, maybe three.

“What’s the Matter with Kansas’s Flag?” by Pat Trouba. Trouba voted in the 2015 flag referendum for his favorite podcast, Hello Internet. It remains the only postcard-based British election he’s ever voted in.

“Take a Dip into Wet Specimens” – by Krys Arkeketa

“The Unknown Cultural Significance of the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters” – by Sean Passmore

And more!!!

Doors open at 7:00 PM. Presentations begin at 8:00. $1 Cover.

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