Wednesday, Sept. 16
Maceli’s (1031 New Hampshire)
Doors at 7:30, presentations at 8:00



How Convenience Affects Our Health: The Inconvenience of Convenience by Angie Schoenherr

It is no secret that convenience is a large part of our culture, but when does our pursuit for convenience no longer become so convenient? In this presentation, we will examine several points on how the pursuit of convenience influences our current health choices, examples of how we can approach convenience in a balanced manner, along with tips on how to gain a deeper understanding of your own relationship to health and convenience.

Angie Schoenherr received her certification as a Holistic Master Nutrition Therapist at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver, Colorado. She currently works out of Southwind Health Collective and teaches nutrition classes at the Community Mercantile. Angie’s primary interest and motivation in being a nutritionist is based out of dissatisfaction with modern medicine and a desire to help others feel empowered to make their own health decisions. Aside from being a nutritionist, she spends her time playing music, painting, making up new dance
moves, taking naps, going to potlucks, and being an organizer for Girls Rock! Lawrence.

Living in a Missile Base: The Amazing Transformation of Cold War Infrastructure by Leigh Anne Fulkerson

In the two decades following World War II, the US spent billions of taxpayer dollars on defense. To compete with Russia in the race for space and as a nuclear deterrent, US missile systems were continually developed and improved. In this presentation you’ll learn more about these hardened, underground structures and see how some amazing people have transformed them from stark, abandoned places that once housed weapons of mass destruction into safe, comfortable and interesting housing for people.

As “Missile Base Specialists” Leigh Ann and Matthew Fulkerson first met, got married, and lived at an Atlas E missile base called Subterra Castle, which is located about 20 miles west of Topeka. From 2010 until last month, they worked with “20th Century Castles, LLC” the leaders in location, acquisition, and sales of missile bases nationwide. In 2013, they formed their own company, Plan B Consulting, LLC and purchased an Atlas F missile base in central Kansas. They are currently in the process of re-purposing it.

Looms and Computers: The Rollercoaster of Contemporary Weaving by Carla Tilghman

A brief exploration of the overlapping worlds of craft and technology, art and craft, gender and labor. All in 20 minutes. Contemporary digitally assisted looms developed from technology used in China 2000 years ago. In the west, these looms played a key role in the Industrial Revolution and simultaneously, in the development of the Modernist Textile movement. Many contemporary weavers now use digitally assisted looms to create woven products — which all stand on the ground on the ground of the gendered history of labor and the artworld. Really, all in 20 minutes.

Carla learned to spin and weave when she was 12 and has been fascinated with textiles in general and weaving in particular ever since. After a career as a paramedic (you never know where life will lead you), she earned my MFA in Studio Arts from Kent State University and am working on a PhD in American Studies from KU. No surprise, she is writing about …. you guessed it, weavers who use digital technology and looms. In her copious spare time, she chases after her child, hangs with her husband, plays with the cats and watches “Chicken TV” in her backyard. Oh, and she weaves like mad, because weaving is amazing.