Summer Shorts is back on July 15th, Thun-Nerd-Dome style! Summer Shorts is our annual event where we flip Nerd Nite on its head. Instead of three 15 minute presentations, you will get to enjoy fifteen 3 minute presentations! Topics range from roller derby to pie crusts, wilderness to Ren Faires, and GPS to weightlifting! Doors open for our crazy event at Maceli’s at 7:30 pm with presentations starting at 8 pm. $1 cover for a night of fun!

Presenters include:

Allison Puderbaugh: “Wilderness or Why Mule Packing is Important”
Sally Chang: “The Many Lives of the Jellies”
Rustin Dodd: “The Winter of Ernest: Hemingway’s forgotten time just down the road”
Jenny O’Brien: “A Mating Call for Carpoolers”
Crystal Shepherd: “The Incredible Snatch Revealed”

Kate Meyer: “The Lattice Pie Crust: Fussy or Functional?”
Dawn Buehler: “Kansas Tributaries: Water Maze”
Kim Bellemere: “The Tallgrass Prairie: More Than Just Grass?”
Mark Reaney: “All Things Sherlock”
Emily Fekete: “Huzzah! There’s More to Ren Faires than Beer and Boobs”

Maulik Nariya: “Where the fork am I? Working principles of GPS”
Lindsey Givens: “Yellow Fever Pitch: the Ugly, the Bad, and the Good”
Jenica Nelson: “Stronger in numbers: Extraordinary Women Who Have Shaped America’s (and Kansas’) Environment”
Erin Schramm: “It Looks Cool but What the Hell is Happening? The Rules of Roller Derby”
Chris Ford: “Taking in the Good”