Look no further if you want to feed your wanderlust! Three speakers will share their interesting travel stories and journeys, maybe inspire you to take that trip you’ve been planning forever!

Presentations start at 8:00 but if you want to grab a drink and chill with friends, we’re opening the doors at 7:30. $1 cover at the door.

Maceli’s is located at 1031 New Hampshire St, Lawrence, KS 66044

The Wanderful Presentations:

Walk This Way: Seven Days on Scotland’s West Highland Way. (Will Averill)

“I’ll be presenting about that time I walked The West Highland Way, 95 miles from Glasgow to Fort William. Was I ready? Did I have a spiritual revelation? And how much Scotch does it take to wake up with 2 German metalheads named Uli? Find out!”

Islands are for Introverts! (Aaron Stockwell)

It can be draining living as an introvert, but what about traveling as one? Traveling as an introvert to a foreign country where they might not speak English can seem daunting, but Aaron will share some tips he picked up from his trip to Iceland and the Faroe Islands in 2018. 

Namibia: Adventure, Solitude, and Three Tires (Sean Metzinger and Jamie Bone) 

We’ll take you on a journey to a country of extreme landscapes. From the oldest desert in the world to the river-lined Caprivi Strip, Namibia has many sights for the adventurous soul. And being the second least densely-populated country in the world, Namibia has almost no light pollution, very few paved roads, and plenty of stories to tell. 

About our Presenters:

Will Averill is a writer, director, actor, townie, father, husband, puppeteer, rancatour, friend, hiker, occasional poet, whiskey drinker, Burns fan, malcontent, producer and domestic violence advocate.  In 2008 he walked the West Highland Way, the 95-mile Scottish trail between Millengavie and Fort William in search of a spiritual experience. He is still trying to figure out if that happened. This is part of that story.

Aaron Stockwell has lived in Lawrence, KS since September 2018 and will sadly be leaving in July 2020 for a destination yet to be determined. Born in Massachusetts, he has also lived in Texas and yes there was a culture shock. He has loved his time in Lawrence, especially Letterpress classes at the Lawrence Arts Center and wandering around the Farmers Market. Professionally, Aaron is a Unitarian Universalist minister and enjoys that this profession gives him an opportunity to nerd out while he researches and writes sermons.

Sean Metzinger is a road-worn traveler with roots in the Midwest but dust on his shoes from the opposite side of the world. He grew up in Oklahoma, but each summer his father would take him and his siblings on road trips around the United States. The call of the road never stopped and soon the streets of other countries started to call to him. Sean now ventures forth into places he has never seen before for the thrill of the experience and another road conquered. 

He has degrees in hotel and restaurant management from Oklahoma State University and information technology from the University of Kansas. His current hobbies include painting, music, photography, automotive, camping and hiking.

Once described as having a “twinkle of light at the edge of [her] fingers”, Jamie Bone has performed in venues all over the world including Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Japan and Brazil. She received her BM in Piano Performance from Oklahoma State University. Afterwards, she received her MM in Piano Performance from the University of Kansas. Jamie has received many honors and awards from numerous piano competitions and the universities mentioned above. 

Jamie currently maintains a private piano studio in Lawrence, KS. She is the full-time accompanist for the Lawrence Free State High School Choir Program as well. Jamie is also the creator of the annual event Playing for Paws where local music students provide music for the downtown Lawrence community and accepts donations for the Lawrence Humane Society.

Jamie’s current interests include travel, hiking, photography, origami, and composition. In her spare time, she also manages her and her husband’s travel blog “The Hikist”.