Ever tried Expressing Yo’ Self? Nerd Nite 88 is here for it! Our speakers have very interesting things to say about self-expression. Bonus ideas for 2020 New Year’s resolutions!

Presentations start at 8:00 but if you want to grab a drink and chill with friends, we’re opening the doors at 7:00. $1 cover at the door, which includes a raffle ticket for a chance at fabulous prizes!

Our Spectacular Presentations:

  • Cultural Psychology: How Culture Shapes Us – Joseph Tennant
  • Drag Performances (Starting with *drumroll* a drag performance) – Valerie Metzler
  • A Puzzling Talk from a Puzzler about Puzzles — Elliot Pollack

Our Fantastic Presenters:

  • Dr. Joseph Tennant is a Cultural Psychologist specializing in religion and morality. He has previously worked on differences moral judgement, mystical experience in epilepsy, and creationist thought. He also performs stand-up comedy, and was one of three founders of the Cambridge Fringe Festival.
  • Valerie Metzler, aka Marie Queerie, has lived in Lawrence off and on for 15 years. She graduated from KU with a BA in Anthropology and a BFA in Metal Smithing. She spent 5 years working as an archaeologist in Cultural Resource Management and now currently works at the Merc Co-op as a butcher.
    Valerie’s love affair with Drag began at the tender age of 8, when she saw “To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything. Julie Newmar.” She has been obsessed with Drag and other forms dramatic costuming ever since. After years of dreaming, she finally started working on her Drag persona, Marie Queerie. Though still new as a performer, Marie Queerie delights her audience at open Mic Nights at the Jazzhaus.
  • Elliot Elliot is a happy-go-lucky kid from sunny Southern California. After graduating from college–as
    a directionless 21 year old–he threw a dart at a map to determine where he would head for his
    next adventure. Apparently, he has fantastic aim, because he hit the bull’s eye: somewhere in the
    middle of a fly-over state. While originally skeptical of moving away from the coastal metropolis
    of his childhood (and of the method he uses to make important life decisions), he decided to
    apply for and ultimately accept a job at KU. The subsequent 1500 mile solo road trip to
    Lawrence proved to be an exhilarating expedition. He has since changed jobs a couple of times,
    and in the midst of myriad other misadventures, found a home in this middle America paradise.