53664142_2034594663275843_6552484003214000128_oThis Nerd Nite is all about games! Join us at Maceli’s Banquet Hall (1031 New Hamshire Street, Lawrencem KS) for a fun night of nerdery!Doors at 7pm, talks begin at 8pm. $1.00 cover.

The talks:
“The History of the Kaw Valley Kickball League” by Jacki Becker

“The Rise of Table Top Gaming” by Nate Morsches and Matt Pool of Trader’s Cache

“All Made Up, Improv Games” by John Robison of The Guild Theater

The presenters:
Jacki Becker, Kaw Valley Kickball League

I am a 16 year player in the KVKL, who has played on 5 teams, been on the board, been a commissioner but never been a captain. When I am not thinking about kickball I am an independent concert promoter with Eleven Productions and Mammoth Inc. I am the mom to three cats (Sparkles, Eddie Money and Toasty) and one twenty two years old tarantula named Shania and I love to grow and cook my own food.

John Robison, The Guild Theater of Lawrence

John Robison has been making things up in front of audiences for nearly 35 years. From his first starring role as an evil child mayor to improv shows in Chicago and New York to his upcoming project as Jeff Goldblum in a live version of Jurassic Park, there’s never been a role he didn’t like. As artistic director of Lawrence’s non-profit Guild Theater, it’s his mission to spread the love of and teach performance art and comedy to as many people as possible. He’s pleased to bring some love to you tonight as he talks about how learning improv will straight up make you a better person. And please head to Facebook and “Like” the page called “Guild Theater – Lawrence.”

Nate Morsches and Matt Pool, Trader’s Cache

Nate Morsches and Matt Pool have been best friends for almost 10 years. They’ve done almost everything side-by-side, from starting families, leading in the community and even starting businesses together. Board Games have been a major part of our lives, as well, over the many years filled with great memories.