Lights! Camera! Nerds! Our theme this June is the movies, from appreciation to analysis to criticism. In addition to our night of cinematic adventure, our beloved hosts at Maceli’s are offering a Beer Blowout! Tank 7 will be $4, Free State Wheat and 3 Blind Mice will be $3, and Bud Light will be $2. That’s of course in addition to our usual $1 cover. Doors open at 7 and the featured attraction starts at 8.



“How to watch movies like a film critic (the basics),” by Abby Olcese.

What separates a great movie from a terrible one? What elements go together to create an enduring classic? How do you describe your favorite movie to a friend, family member or spouse beyond the words “awesome,” “beautiful” or “Keanu Reeves?” In this talk, you’ll learn what the people who write about movies for a living think about when they watch a film, and how to use that knowledge to deepen your own understanding of your favorite flicks.

“A Movie That Knows It Is A Movie,” by Ghiyong Patrick Moon.

This presentation explores the theoretical concept of self-reflexivity, addressing movies from Godard’s French New Wave films to Deadpool and Hot Fuzz. A few philosophical ideas in film theory regarding this topic will be explained in easy and friendly terms.

“The Art of Being an Old Movie Weirdo,” by Kellee Pratt.

Kellee will discuss classic film, and its sub genres, then discuss the culture of classic film fandom.

Our speakers:

Abby Olcese is a film critic who contributes to Kansas Public Radio and Sojourners, as well as She’s also a member of the esteemed PBR Book Club, and hopes they’ll still think she’s cool enough to come to meetings after this presentation. You can follow her adventures on Twitter @indieabby88 if you’re into that kind of thing.

Ghiyong Patrick Moon graduated Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea in 2016 with a Master of Arts degree majoring in cinema. His current research interest as a graduate student in the University of Kansas lies in the relationship between cinema and politics, which is also related to the topic of this presentation.

When not performing marketing and social media for where she also discusses classic comedy on her ‘The Funny Papers’ column, Kellee Pratt writes for her own classic film blog, Outspoken & Freckled ( Kellee teaches classic film study for Lawrence Parks & Rec Adult Ed (next courses: Film Noir 2 and Ray Harryhausen). Unapologetic social butterfly, she’s an active tweetaholic, Social Producer for Turner Classic Movies (2015, 2016), and busy mom of four kids and 3 fur babies. You can follow Kellee on twitter at @IrishJayhawk66.