It’s going to be an IRRATIONALLY good time at Nerd Nite 69.

In celebration of Pi day 3/14 (3.14) it’s PI TIME!

We’ll be making math puns, raffling pie, and we’ll be learning about Mathematician Emilie du Chatelet with Dr. Cynthia Huffman and the chemistry and science of Pie with Meghan Heriford from Ladybird Diner!


7:30 PM  – Free State Brewery – Science on Tap presents Terry Soo with the KU Department of Mathematics explores the mathematical ideas behind secure communication systems and cryptocurrencies.

8:30 PM (door at 7:30) – Maceli’s – Nerd Nite 69: PI TIME –  Can math, science, an irrational number, and a delectable dough cased filling prepared in a pastry pan co-exist in one night of learning, friendship, and math puns?


FREE STATE BREWERY – 636 Massachusetts     MACELIS – 1031 New Hampshire

NERD NITE Itenerary

On 3/14, bring us 1 dollar and we’ll bring you two outstanding and very special guest presenters!

PLUS (see what we did there +) a short talk on Pi by a mystery guest.

It’s   π   Time!

Dr. Cynthia Huffman –
“Mathematical Passion – A Look at Emilie du Chatelet”

Émilie du Châtelet lived in France in the 18th century and wrote on the “new” invention of calculus. The mistress of Voltaire, she had love affairs and experienced intrigue, gambling, and even sword fights. In this presentation, we will take a look at the life and mathematical contributions of this passionate woman.

Meghan Heriford –
“The Secret Life of Pie”
Meghan talks about her journey to creating the perfect pie, tips learned along the way, the hits and misses, and a little bit about the chemistry of crust.


Meghan Heriford – Mother of four and owner/operator/head pie lady at Ladybird Diner. Honorary Texan and natural blonde.

Dr. Cynthia Huffman is a University Professor of Mathematics at Pittsburg State University. She is interested in sharing the beauty of mathematics with others, especially through the use of the history of math. She has also been a Research Fellow at the Linda Hall Library, studying mathematics books in the LHL History of Science Collection.