For this month’s Nerd Nite on November 13th we will have two presentations about fake fighting and one about the real fight to save the Prairie Chicken. So jump into the ring at the Alton Ballroom at Pachamamas Restaurant and Star Bar!

Doors at 7:00, presentations at 8:00. $1 cover.

Presentations include:

Handlers, Heels, and Ham-and-Eggers: The Supporting Characters of Wrestling Kayfabe
by Peter Lyrene

“Handlers, Heels, & Ham-and-Eggers” is a presentation on the ring-side supporting characters of professional wrestling’s golden age, as well as an exploration of wrestling kayfabe– the portrayal of written rivalries and staged events as absolute truth– and the extreme lengths to which these outlandish figures will go to avoid breaking character… no matter how ridiculous the “character” may be.

Peter Lyrene is a freelance writer and stand-up comic. He hosts Comedy Freakout at Frank’s North Star Tavern, and has contributed to Lawrence.com, The Not So Late Show, and KJHK. He was raised by comic books and television.

The Quest to Rescue the King of the Plains: How to Really Save the Prairie Chicken
by Paul Dietz

Paul Dietz is a polynerd energy economist who craves the great outdoors, liberal arts, science, and math. He’s happiest when he experiences all of them simultaneously while engaging in activities like helping to save the prairie chicken. A Lawrencian by choice, Paul doesn’t think social intercourse is a dirty as it sounds and enjoys being a shameless flaneur.

Dagorhir: From Serf to Iron Chancellor
by Elwood Schaad

Dagorhir is a nationally organized full-contact Medieval combat sport, using safely padded weapons to simulate a variety of fighting styles. Elwood has been participating for a year and a half. He is currently Administrator for the Realm of Emberfeld, Lawrence’s regional chapter.

Elwood is a nerd about many things, but professionally he is a nerd about food, having worked in fine dining for over a decade. In his free time he plays any kind of game and enjoys every type of movie.