At this month’s Nerd Nite we will take a look at some famous nerds in the art and literature world that it is very likely many people have never heard of.

Wednesday, October 9.

Pachamama’s Alton Ballroom

Doors at 7 pm, presentations at 8 pm

NEW THIS MONTH: $1 cover.


Rob Schulte: “This Family Is Cursed: a look into the familial plays of Sam Shepard.”

Once Sam Shepard evolved past his experimental plays, he dove directly into the home of the American f

amily. Using the idea of the downfall of the American Dream for the better part of 20 years, this is arguably the most intricate part of his career. Rob Schulte is a
graduate of KU with a degree in Theatre Arts. Shepard’s work clicked with Schulte once he was cast in the role as “The Old Man” in Fool For Love, and since then he has directed The God of Hell and The Tooth Of Crime (both Shepard plays) at non-traditional venues. Currently Schulte is working on directing Curse Of The Starving Class… if there’s a venue that will have him.


Meredith Moore: “William Morris: the unwitting forefather of hobbits, socialists and modern hipsters, not excluding Meredith”

Meredith Moore is a Kansas native, owner of the Wonder Fair Gallery in downtown Lawrence, KS, and is not affiliated with any book clubs. Other cabalistic nerd subcultures to which Meredith has belonged include Graduate School and the Secret Order of the Black Diamond. Most recently, Meredith has gleefully abandoned her formal Art History studies at KU in order to pursue

and promote alternative approaches to socially-minded arts organizing.


Jon Kaleugher: “The Zenith of Lounging: the story of Ray and Charles Eames”

“Ray is my wife, not my brother.” Charles once said.
They never delegated understanding in their decades of continuous work.
He was an architect who never got his license and she was a painter who never lost her eye.
The rest is history.