Nerd Nite 18 will be messy, spicy and leave you needing a napkin.

Wednesday, June 12 at the Alton Ballroom (8th and NH)

Doors at 7, Presentations at 8.

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Garbage 101: Everything you never knew about your own stinking garbage by Shelly McNerney

discussing the archaeology of garbage

Shelly’s flirted with the idea of being a nerd for years- whether working as a house painter (just an excuse to listen to NPR all day), teaching high school English (really just a blatant way to get paid for finding tricky symbolism in classic novels), or biding her time in various degree programs (she just likes hanging out in coffee shops).  It wasn’t until she began working as a high school librarian three years ago that she finally found a job that truly appreciates her big, beautiful, nerdy brain.  Regarding hers presentation, Shelly acknowledges that she isn’t a “classically” trained garbologist, but she’ll be making up for this deficiency with her abilities to read and take careful notes (and she may even bust out notecards!  Look for them!)

Oggles and Goggles: Viewing KU Boobs Through Feminism’s Many Lenses by Rachel Smalter Hall

On February 25, 2012, a mysterious twitter photo surfaced tagged #kuboobs. More than a year later, the KU Boobs trend has swept colleges and universities nationwide in an astonishing trend that has been labelled both anti- and pro-feminist. From the Huffington Post to to Italy’s La Stampa, journalists are asking: is KU Boobs a tacit endorsement of rape culture? Or is it an empowering expression of 21st century Choice Feminism? Join one third wave feminist as she seeks to make sense of what KU Boobs means for feminism and why strong, smart, powerful women are broadcasting PG-13 selfies of their breasts in support of college basketball.

Rachel Smalter Hall is a public librarian and web developer whose feminist consciousness was first awakened as a tween when she snuck into her older sister’s secret stash of Cosmo magazines. These days she is a full grown third wave feminist, thanks in part to the small liberal arts college in St. Paul, MN, that fostered her feminist ideals under the guise of Hitchcock studies and gender theory. After living in Iowa, Minnesota, Vermont, and Rome, Rachel now lives in Lawrence Fucking Kansas where she’s a web content developer at nearby Johnson County Library and a regular contributor at When she’s not fulfilling her duties as a librarian, she can be found drinking PBR and spewing drunken edicts about third wave feminism with her co-ed book club. (She blames her curious affiliation with KU Boobs on local culture junket The Larryville Chronicles. It’s all Chip’s fault.)

Tabasco is for wimps. Welcome to the world of extreme hot sauce by Kevin Freese

Tabasco is a nice and cute, but this popular sauce is nothing compared to the hottest and nastiest sauces out there. This presentation will highlight those extreme sauces, how they came to be and how hot they can really be.

Kevin gave one of the most popular Nerd Nite presentations ever, clear back at Nerd Nite 2, on Scotch Whisky. He is a banker by day, and a hot sauce and scotch connoisseur by night, and also day.