We’re passing along the message below from our friends, and hosts, at Pachamama’s.


Dear Nerd Nite Friends,

    We at Pachamama’s would like to extend a hearty Thank You to everyone that has attended, presented, or in any way contributed to making Nerd Nite Lawrence such a wonderful success!  We have absolutely loved playing host to this event every month and look forward to continuing the conversation into the Alton Ballroom.  A bigger space means that more people can join in, and make this night an even bigger success.

    After October’s inaugural Nerd Nite in the Alton Ballroom, Pachamama’s management, and Nerd Nite organizers met with one another to address our collective concerns (and your feedback) about making the night more enjoyable, and offering a smoother overall execution of food and beverage service.

    It must first be made clear that the Alton Ballroom is not set-up to mirror the restaurant’s food and beverage menus, but rather is used strictly as a catering facility.     We understand that these limitations may seem to be an inconvenience, but we have come up with solutions to these challenges.

     We are excited to offer an extended food “happy hour” to attendees that would like to eat before nerding out.  From 5p-7:30p in the Star Bar you can order from our Happy Hour menu and enjoy a 25% discount off selected items.  We understand that you cannot possibly eat and hold your spot in line, so we are doing away with our set-capacity in the Ballroom.  All are welcome, and all can get in (so long as we do not break any fire codes).

    With the lifting of our limited capacity, the bar inside the Ballroom is going to get very busy.  So, in order for the bar to operate as quickly and efficiently as possible, we are setting a new rule of CASH ONLY for all transactions.  This is nothing new to you, denizens of Lawrence, KS, and will allow us to crank out an assortment of beer, wine, and killer punches.

    We love you all, and want this night to continue to be enjoyable and informative, so please understand that all of these changes are for the better.


Pachamama’s Restaurant