Nerd Nite 6: Press It! Hack It! GIF It! Bop It! will be on Wednesday, May 9.

we are in the Star Bar at Pachamama’s (8th and New Hampshire) so seating is about 60 people, get there early.

doors at 7:30 (or whenever all the speakers have practiced) and presentations at 8:00

Your finals are no excuse to miss it. Serious. Consider it studying.

Do Hackers Dream of Electric Beeps? by Nathan Pickett

Nathan, who once had a song penned about him wherein he was described as a communist train robber, is a recently-knighted (ok, hooded) master of arts in Russian area studies, but he doesn’t let those ex-pinkoes hamper his having a good time (or his being interested in other things). He’s pretty sure his dad had a pocket protector on when he was born and he’s always had a computer within reach. While other kids in school were experimenting with drugs, booze, and sex, Nate was experimenting with programming code, open-source operating systems, and DIY projects (much to the chagrin of his parents’ bank account when things went horribly, horribly wrong). His favorite baseball team is the Dodgers, pretends that he knows the mandolin, and his reddit karma’s literally in the thousands. As in the one thousands. If that’s got you all hot and bothered, too bad, because he got married a couple years ago to a total babe. He’d be more than willing to high-5 you in consolation however.

Vinyl Nerds & Collector Scum: Record variants & the obsessive collectors who chase them by Nick Spacek

Nick Spacek is a self-described “rock star journalist,” which is strange, considering he’s married with two kids and three cats. This is just further proof that you can’t trust anyone online. In addition to his day job at Great Harvest Bread, Nick can be found bitching about pop cultute on the Internet at his blog, Rock Star Journalist, as well as the Pitch’s Wayward Blog and Scene-Stealers.

A Long GIFs journey Into Phones by Robert Kent Schulte

Robert Kent Schulte (born August 08, 1984), better known by his stage name Robocopter, or twitter handle @beer_attack, is an American rapper, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. When he’s not creating beats that go ham harder than FARMLAND™ he’s booking shows for The Bottleneck or making GIFs.