Nerd Nite 2: truck stops, scotch and spirits is coming up on January 10 at Pachamama’s.


Caffeine, Public Showers, and Howling Wolf T-Shirts: Exploring America’s Truck Stops by Stephanie Day

Truck stops have captivated the imagination of casual motorists since their inception during the early 20th century in the US. However, these 24-hour dens of diesel fuel and stale coffee play a much more tangible role in the lives of long-haul truck drivers. This presentation explores the attitudes, perceptions, and relationships these truckers have in regards to the American truck stop.

Bio: Hailing from Youngstown, Ohio, Stephanie Day is a PhD student in the Department of Geography at KU, as well as a daughter of a former trucker. Her interests include American cities, particularly in the Rust Belt, perceptions of place, and snuggling up with her dog, Penny.

 An Introduction to Scotch Whisky by Kevin Freese

A Scotch whisky enthusiast will explain the basics; how its made, what it is and other nerdy Scotch facts.

Bio: Kevin is currently a credit analyst at US Bank on Mass St. Originally from upstate New York, he lives in Lawrence with his wife Emily who currently attends KU. Kevin has been exposed to the world of scotch for over a decade and has been sharing his passion since college when he gave a presentation on scotch and religion.

Let’s Get (meta)Physical!: How to dip your toes in the Neoarchaic Revival without getting wet by Nick Ray

2012 has been touted as the end of times by zealots; and it is, of sorts.  Moreover it is a marked beginning: a collective resurgence and embrace of ancient understanding. Learn how to effectively balance self, spirit and pseudo-science without being “Neu Age” and safely explore the nuances of your humanity.

Bio: Nick Ray is by profession an optician who facilitates clarity in people’s lives by the way of fashion and function.  He also seeks clarity on the Great Mystery through his fervent consumption of literature and media relating to the occult, consciousness studies, and the current paradigm shift.  Besides practicing kundalini yoga Nick fills his spare time traipsing alongside the Kaw with his canine companion, Sonny Boy.